Dinosaur BBQ: A Culinary Journey Through BBQ Heaven


If you really enjoy barbecue or just love delicious, lip-smacking food, you might have come across Dinosaur BBQ.

This famous barbecue restaurant is like a paradise for meat lovers, offering incredibly tasty and juicy dishes that will make you want to eat more and more. In this article, we're going to dive into the world of Dinosaur BBQ, learning about its past, the yummy food it serves, what makes it special, and more.

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The History of Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQ's story begins in 1983 in Syracuse, New York. It started as a small restaurant, but it quickly became a well-loved chain famous for its incredibly tasty slow-cooked, tender, and smoky barbecue dishes. The credit for this mouthwatering food goes to the founders, John Stage and the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que team. They took inspiration from Southern cooking traditions and added their unique twist to make barbecue a true culinary art. In simpler words, they borrowed the delicious flavors and cooking methods from the South and made Dinosaur BBQ a top choice for anyone craving smoked and grilled meats. Their dedication to creating delicious barbecue is a big reason why Dinosaur BBQ went from a small eatery to a renowned name in the world of barbecue.

What Sets Dinosaur BBQ Apart

Dinosaur BBQ is awesome for a few great reasons:
  • Real Barbecue: They're serious about their barbecue. They don't rush it. They take their time slow-cooking the meat for hours on-site. This slow process makes the meat taste amazing with a smoky flavor and it's so tender and delicious. If you're a barbecue fan, this is the place for you.
  • Delicious Sauces: Barbecue without fantastic sauces is like a burger without toppings. Dinosaur BBQ gets it, and they have a bunch of special sauces. Whether you like your sauce mild and tangy or hot and spicy, they've got something that'll tickle your taste buds. It's like a tasty adventure for your barbecue.
  • Awesome Atmosphere: Dinosaur BBQ isn't just a place to eat; it's an experience. The vibe is cozy and relaxed, like hanging out with friends. You can relax, enjoy your food, and have a great time. It's a fantastic spot to bring your friends or family while you savor some seriously delicious barbecue.
So, in a nutshell, Dinosaur BBQ is all about giving you a real, slow-cooked barbecue experience. They've got fantastic sauces to add some flavor excitement, and the atmosphere is super chill. It's the perfect place to savor some top-notch barbecue with your loved ones.

The Delicious Menu

Dinosaur BBQ's menu is where the deliciousness happens. It's like taking a flavor-filled journey for your taste buds. Let's take a closer look at some of the fantastic dishes you can enjoy:
  • St. Louis Ribs: These ribs are a big deal here, and they're famous for a good reason. Dinosaur BBQ makes them so tender and packed with flavor. Each bite is a tasty delight, and they cook them just right.
  • Pulled Pork: If you're a pulled pork fan, you're in for a real treat. Dinosaur BBQ takes pride in making their pulled pork super tasty and incredibly tender. It's a must-try, especially if you love barbecue.
  • Sides: To go along with your main dish, you've got some awesome sides to choose from. Think mac and cheese, coleslaw, and cornbread, among other options. These sides are like the perfect partners for your main meal, adding extra layers of deliciousness and texture to your dining experience.
  • Famous BBQ Sauces: Then there are their legendary barbecue sauces. Each sauce has its own special and delicious taste. Whether you prefer tangy, sweet, or spicy, they have a sauce that will elevate your dish to a whole new level of flavor.
Dinosaur BBQ's menu is a delight for your taste buds. Whether you're savoring their famous St. Louis Ribs or diving into the pulled pork, each dish is made with care to be just right. And remember to check out their sides; they complete your barbecue experience. It's a culinary journey that will leave you wanting more.

The Unique Dining Experience

Dinosaur BBQ is not your ordinary restaurant; it's an unforgettable dining experience. Here's what makes it so special:
  • Beautiful and Cozy Setting: When you step inside a Dinosaur BBQ, you'll be struck by its unique and cozy decor. It's not your typical restaurant. It's filled with character, from old-fashioned signs to warm, inviting colors. This setting creates the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.
  • Live Music: Dinosaur BBQ often hosts live music. This adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit. While you savor your barbecue, you can also groove to live performances. It's not just about the food; it's a complete sensory experience.
  • Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere: Beyond the look and feel, Dinosaur BBQ offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It's the kind of place where you can unwind, take it easy, and enjoy your meal at your own pace. The staff is welcoming, and the vibe is laid-back, making it ideal for get-togethers with friends and family.
Dinosaur BBQ is more than a place to eat; it's a spot where you can dive into the rich culture of American BBQ. The mix of charming decor, live music, and a welcoming vibe makes dining there an experience you won't forget. It's not just about the food; it's about immersing yourself in the whole ambiance and culture of American barbecue.

Dinosaur BBQ Locations

Dinosaur BBQ, which originally started in Syracuse, New York, has expanded and opened up its tasty barbecue restaurants in various places across the United States. This means you can enjoy their delicious food in different states. Some of the areas where you can find Dinosaur BBQ restaurants include New York, New Jersey, and Baltimore, just to name a few.

If you're wondering where the nearest Dinosaur BBQ restaurant is to you, you can simply go to their website. They usually have a tool that helps you find the closest Dinosaur BBQ joint. This makes it super easy to plan a visit and savor their amazing barbecue without having to travel a long distance. Whether you're a local or a visitor passing through, it's a convenient way to enjoy their special barbecue flavors.

How Dinosaur BBQ Does BBQ Right

Dinosaur BBQ is all about making barbecue the best way possible. Here's how they do it:
  • Slow-Cooking: They don't rush the barbecue process. Instead, they cook the meat slowly at a low temperature for a long time. This slow cooking makes the meat incredibly tender and adds that smoky flavor we all love. It's like a secret ingredient that makes their barbecue special.
  • Smoking: They use a technique called smoking to give their meat rich, smoky flavors. It's like marinating the meat in the aroma of wood chips or logs for a while. This gives their barbecue a unique and delightful taste. Smoking is a key part of making authentic barbecue, and Dinosaur BBQ is really good at it.
  • Top-Quality Ingredients: Dinosaur BBQ doesn't skimp on the good stuff. They only use the best meat, rubs, and sauces. They go the extra mile to find the finest ingredients to make sure their barbecue is fantastic. This shows how much they care about quality.
So, in a nutshell, Dinosaur BBQ's secret to great barbecue is slow cooking, smoking, and using top-notch ingredients. This approach guarantees that every dish they serve is bursting with flavor and tenderness. It's their dedication to these principles that makes their barbecue truly outstanding.

Customer Reviews

To figure out if a restaurant like Dinosaur BBQ is worth trying, it's smart to listen to what other customers have to say. Dinosaur BBQ is known for consistently getting glowing reviews from its customers, and these reviews usually highlight three important things:
  • Delicious Food: The top priority for any restaurant is the food, and Dinosaur BBQ shines in this area. People who've eaten there can't stop talking about how good the food is. It's not just barbecue; it's exceptional barbecue. People love the incredible flavors, the tender meat, and the fact that it feels like they're getting a taste of genuine barbecue.
  • Great Service: The second thing that stands out is the excellent service. The Dinosaur BBQ team goes out of their way to make customers feel welcome and well taken care of. They're known for being friendly, quick, and attentive to what the customers need. This adds to the positive experience.
  • Fun Atmosphere: The third standout is the lively and fun atmosphere at Dinosaur BBQ. It's not just a place to eat; it's an experience. Customers enjoy the relaxed and energetic vibe. It's a place where you can have a good time with friends and family while enjoying some top-notch barbecue.
All these consistently positive reviews show that the team at Dinosaur BBQ is dedicated to providing the best barbecue experience. The feedback from happy customers is a clear sign that they're doing a great job, offering mouthwatering food, top-notch service, and a welcoming atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more.

BBQ Tips from the Experts

Dinosaur BBQ is more than just a place to eat; they're also happy to help you become a barbecue master. They offer some really useful tips and tricks from their experts for people who want to up their barbecue game. Here's what they can teach you:
  • Choosing the Best Meat: The first thing to get right in a barbecue is picking the right meat. Dinosaur BBQ's experts can show you how to select the best cuts of meat. They'll help you understand which cuts are ideal for different barbecue styles and how to pick top-quality meat for your grill or smoker.
  • Seasoning Like a Pro: Making your barbecue mouthwatering is all about how you season it. Dinosaur BBQ's experts can teach you the art of seasoning. You'll learn how to make tasty rubs and marinades, and how to balance flavors perfectly when seasoning your meat.
  • Grilling and Smoking Mastery: Grilling and smoking are the heart of barbecue, and Dinosaur BBQ experts can give you the lowdown on both. They'll share tips on hitting the right temperature, knowing when your meat is cooked to perfection, and how to achieve that amazing smoky, grilled flavor.
These tips and tricks are like a quick course in becoming a barbecue expert. Whether you're just starting or want to refine your barbecue skills, learning from the experts at Dinosaur BBQ can help you step up your barbecue game and create dishes that can compete with the best barbecue joints.

Dinosaur BBQ Merchandise

If you're a big fan of Dinosaur BBQ, you'll be excited to know they have some cool stuff you can take home with you. Here's what you can get:
  • T-Shirts and Caps: They have t-shirts and caps with the Dinosaur BBQ logo and branding on them. It's a way to show your love for the restaurant and its amazing barbecue. Plus, you can add some style to your wardrobe.
  • BBQ Sauce and Rubs: Dinosaur BBQ is famous for its special sauces and rubs. You can buy their line of BBQ sauces and rubs to use when you're grilling at home. It's a delicious way to make your meals even more exciting.
  • Share the Love: Dinosaur BBQ merchandise is not just for you. It's also a great way to share your love for the restaurant with friends and family. You can give these items as gifts to other people who enjoy barbecue or good food, so they can get a taste of what Dinosaur BBQ is all about.
Whether you want to wear Dinosaur BBQ's logo with pride, spice up your home-cooked meals with their sauces and rubs, or share the love of this fantastic barbecue joint with others, their merchandise is a fun and tasty way to connect with the Dinosaur BBQ experience.

Reviews and Ratings

Dinosaur BBQ has earned a great name in the barbecue world, and this good reputation comes from happy customers who love to share their experiences. Here's why it matters:
  • People Love It: When folks dine at Dinosaur BBQ, they often write reviews. These reviews are like love letters to the restaurant, where customers talk about how amazing the food is, how good the service is, and how cool the atmosphere is. They can't stop raving about the delicious flavors, how tender the meat is, and how awesome the whole dining experience is.
  • Top Ratings: Customers don't just write reviews; they also give Dinosaur BBQ high ratings on websites and apps where you can find restaurant reviews. This is like giving it a gold star. It shows that customers are really, really happy with the restaurant and want to tell everyone about it.
  • It Proves Something: All these great reviews and high ratings keep coming in. It's like a drumbeat of praise. This tells us that Dinosaur BBQ is doing a fantastic job, both with the food and how it treats its customers. It's like a stamp of approval that says, "This place is awesome!"
So, in simple terms, Dinosaur BBQ's reputation is rock-solid because customers keep saying how much they love it. When lots of people say the same thing, it's like a big, loud, and clear message that this is a fantastic place to enjoy some delicious barbecue.

Dinosaur BBQ Catering

Dinosaur BBQ doesn't just serve food in their restaurant; they also offer catering services. What this means is that if you're planning a relaxed backyard barbecue with friends or a big corporate event, Dinosaur BBQ can bring their delicious barbecue dishes right to your location. Let's break it down in more detail:
  • Perfect for Various Events: Dinosaur BBQ's catering is flexible and can fit all sorts of events. Whether you're having a casual family gathering, a birthday party, a wedding, a business function, or any other special occasion, they can cater to your specific needs.
  • Customize Your Menu: When you choose Dinosaur BBQ for catering, you have the freedom to pick from a variety of menu options. This way, you can make sure the food matches your event and the tastes of your guests. You can select a mix of dishes, from ribs and pulled pork to side dishes and desserts.
  • Professional Service: Dinosaur BBQ doesn't just drop off the food and leave. They can also provide professional service if you want it. This includes setting up the food displays and providing serving staff, making your event smoother and more enjoyable for your guests.
  • Top-Quality, Delicious Food: Most importantly, you can count on the same high-quality, mouthwatering barbecue that Dinosaur BBQ is famous for, even when you choose their catering. That means your guests get to enjoy the genuine flavors and tender goodness of Dinosaur BBQ's dishes.
  • Easy Event Planning: Picking Dinosaur BBQ for catering makes your event planning a lot easier. You don't have to worry about cooking, and you can be sure that your guests will have a memorable and tasty barbecue experience.
Dinosaur BBQ's catering services are a fantastic option for a wide range of events. You can choose from a diverse menu, enjoy professional service, and be confident that your guests will be treated to a top-notch barbecue. It's a convenient way to make your event special, and your guests are sure to love the smoky goodness that Dinosaur BBQ brings to your location.

A Barbecue for Everyone

Dinosaur BBQ wants everyone to enjoy their barbecue experience, whether you love meat or prefer plant-based options. Here's how they make it happen:
  • For Meat Lovers: If you're a meat enthusiast, Dinosaur BBQ has a wide range of options. They slow-cook and smoke their meats to perfection, so even the biggest meat lovers will find something they adore, from tender ribs to flavorful pulled pork.
  • Vegetarian Choices: Dinosaur BBQ understands that not everyone eats meat, so they've created special dishes just for vegetarians. These dishes capture the smoky and tangy essence of barbecue without using meat. This means even if you're a vegetarian, you won't miss out on the delicious barbecue experience.
  • Everyone's Welcome: Dinosaur BBQ's menu is so diverse that it brings everyone together. Whether you're a meat-eater or a vegetarian, you can sit down at the same table and enjoy the wonderful smoky flavors of barbecue. It's their way of making sure everyone can savor the BBQ goodness, no matter their dietary preferences.
Dinosaur BBQ is all about being inclusive. They offer something for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, ensuring that everyone can relish the delightful flavors of barbecue. This inclusivity is a big part of what makes Dinosaur BBQ unique in the world of barbecue joints.

Sustainability and Community Involvement

Dinosaur BBQ is more than just a place for great food. They care about the environment and their community. Here's how they make a positive impact:
  • Taking Care of the Environment: Dinosaur BBQ is mindful of how its actions affect the planet. They use eco-friendly packaging materials, handle waste responsibly, and try to use local ingredients when they can. These choices help reduce their impact on the environment and support sustainability.
  • Getting Involved in the Community: Dinosaur BBQ isn't just about serving food; they're active in the community. They participate in local events, fundraisers, and charity work. This shows their commitment to being a part of and giving back to their local community.
  • Supporting Good Causes: Dinosaur BBQ believes in helping the community in different ways. They might back local charities, sponsor events, or take part in activities that benefit the community. This sense of social responsibility is central to their mission. They want to be more than just a restaurant; they want to be a positive force in the community.
Dinosaur BBQ is more than a place to eat; it's a restaurant with a heart and a social conscience. They care about the environment and their community, and they show it through their actions.

The Future of Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQ is all about moving forward and making things even better. Here's what they have in store for the future:
  • New and Exciting Menu Items: They're always working on new and interesting dishes to add to their menu. This means you can look forward to trying fresh, innovative items that could become your new favorites. They're all about keeping your taste buds happy.
  • Pushing Flavor Boundaries: Dinosaur BBQ wants to take your taste experience to a whole new level. They're committed to experimenting with flavors in their dishes. This means you might get to enjoy some truly unique and tasty combinations that will make your meal special.
  • Growing to New Places: Dinosaur BBQ isn't stopping where they are now. They're thinking about expanding to different areas. This could mean that more people will have the chance to enjoy their delicious barbecue and experience their fantastic atmosphere.
Dinosaur BBQ is looking ahead and planning to surprise and delight you with new menu items, exciting flavors, and the possibility of more locations for you to enjoy their great food.


To sum it up, Dinosaur BBQ is not your average restaurant; it's a delicious adventure into the world of barbecue. With a deep-rooted history, a mouthwatering menu, several locations, and a commitment to genuine barbecue, Dinosaur BBQ has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best BBQ spots in the country.

Now that you've got a taste of what makes Dinosaur BBQ so special, why wait? It's time to satisfy your barbecue cravings by heading to the nearest Dinosaur BBQ. Your taste buds will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What's the story behind Dinosaur BBQ?
A. Dinosaur BBQ started in Syracuse, New York, back in 1983, and it has grown to become a well-known chain of barbecue restaurants.

Q. What sets Dinosaur BBQ apart?
A. Dinosaur BBQ is special because they make authentic barbecue, have their signature sauces, and offer a unique laid-back atmosphere.

Q. Where can I find Dinosaur BBQ restaurants?
A. Dinosaur BBQ has restaurants in many places across the United States, including New York and New Jersey.

Q. What should I try at Dinosaur BBQ?
A. You've got to taste their St. Louis Ribs and Pulled Pork, and don't forget the delicious sides like mac and cheese.

Q. Does Dinosaur BBQ do catering for events?
A. Yes, Dinosaur BBQ offers catering services, so you can treat your guests to top-notch barbecues at your special gatherings.


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