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Effective Date: 13/06/2023

Commenting Guidelines:

We love hearing from you on The Temporary Soul website, but let's keep things positive and respectful. 

Here are some rules to follow:
A. Be polite: Treat others kindly. No personal attacks, offensive language, or discriminatory comments.

B. Stick to the topic: Keep your comments related to the blog post or discussion topic.

C. Be constructive: If you disagree, share thoughtful criticism instead of insults.

D. No spam or self-promotion: Don't use comments for advertising or self-promotion. We'll remove irrelevant links.

E. Use appropriate language: Keep it clean and respectful for all readers.

F. Respect privacy: Don't share personal info about others without their permission.

Moderation and Comment Approval:

We check and review all comments on The Temporary Soul website. While we aim to do this promptly, there might be a delay in approving or supporting comments.

We have the right to approve, edit, or remove any comment, including those that:

A. Break the Commenting Guidelines mentioned earlier.

B. Have spam, promotional links, or unrelated content.

C. Share personal information or invade someone's privacy.

D. Are offensive, defamatory, or break any laws.

E. Are too long or repeated.

F. Don't relate to the blog post or discussion topic.

Ownership of Comments:

When you leave a comment on our website, you still own it. But, by commenting, you give The Temporary Soul permission to use, share, and display your comment in various ways, without paying you or needing your permission again.


When you comment on our website, you agree to protect and not hold The Temporary Soul, its owners, directors, or associates responsible for any claims or problems that may arise because of your comments or if you break these commenting rules.

Resolving Disputes:
If there's a problem related to comments on the website, the laws of [Penal Code 1860, the Evidence Act 1872, the Contract Act 1872] will be used to solve it. Commenters agree to follow this rule and accept the authority of the courts in [section-54 (1) & section-54 (2) ] for such disputes.

By leaving a comment on the website, you're saying that you've read, understood, and agree to follow this Comment Policy. Not following these rules may result in comment removal or restrictions on commenting.

Please note: The Comment Policy and Agreement provided here is a template. You should adjust it to fit your specific needs and the laws that apply to you. It's a good idea to consult legal experts to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and best practices.

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